Timber Trail

Last week I visited timber trail with my wife and friend safdar. We went by rope way for lunch and came back. This small journey reminded me my last year’s annual conference when I stayed for 3 days at Timber trail.

Where is timber trail and what is is it?

Timber trail is located in Parwanoo, approximately 6-7 kms from Himachal Pradesh and Haryana border on the way to Shimla. It’s a beautiful place at 5000 ft height. Timber Trail Heights is a resort on the hills. You have to go by cable car to the resort. This resort is having luxurious rooms including restaurant and bar. So if you don’t plan to stay you can go up and come back after having lunch / drinks in restaurant.

My Journey

Our annual business conference was in march last year at timber trail. Being branding person I reached the destination one day earlier with my HR head to ensure proper branding at venue. When directors of the company attend any conference you have to ensure that your product and brand have a reach at the height of 5000 ft also.

To reach the resort we took cable car. This first time experience in cable car excited me a lot. There are 2 cable cars at timber trail which take passengers from base station to timber trail resorts. One trip to cable car is Rs. 300 per person on week days and Rs. 400 per person on weekends and national holidays. If you have a room reserved in timber trail resort, then ride of this cable car is free. Only 16 people including attendant are allowed in cable car at one time. They strictly follow this rule.

After sitting in the cable car I was a bit scared, what if the rope will break in between. Cable car takes approx 7-8 minutes to reach on timber trail heights from the base station. So I changed my focus from scary thoughts to the scenery below, it was beautiful.

After reaching on top our mobiles started searching network. It was great to know that we will not get mobile signals here, so we can stay in peace. But now days you will get network their so no peace. Weather was quiet pleasant and bit cold in comparison to Chandigarh.


The manager of timber trail took us for a round of the resort. It was beautifully made and lush green surroundings. They were making extra luxurious rooms and spa on the above part of the resort which is ready now. These rooms are having LCD in room, scotch available in fridge. The bathrooms were designed in such a way that bath tub will be getting direct sunlight in the morning through 6ft x 5 ft glass window. Don’t worry no one will see you in the bath tub through this window. If someone wants, he has to come by helicopter at that height. Spa is having Thai massagers.

We came back to our room. It was beautiful room with beautiful view from balcony but after looking at new resort we felt it is ok types. Cost of rooms also varies as per ambience and facilities. Our rooms were costing Rs. 4000/- per day while the new resort rooms were costing Rs. 15000 per day. Still I felt our rooms are bit costlier. In any tier I city these kinds of rooms are available at Rs. 3000/- per day. Anyway to enjoy the nature, mobile with no network you can pay for it.



At this height you can see Kasauli above from there. Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh, Kalka and Parwanoo is visible from timber trail. First time I saw step farming here. The houses look like dummy houses from such height. Because of hills, sunlight was falling on some houses & shadow at half of the city. I enjoyed the view. Night view was even more exciting. It looked like a huge garden with sparkles and lights in it.


In night it rained and weather changed. It was too chilled outside. I didn’t kept any woolen with me and got f***d by the weather. Later got a jacket from a colleague who came from Shimla. It is suggested to keep atleast a shawl with you whenever you are going to timber trail. Even in summers, you never know when the weather will change.

3 days stay was bit boring but beautiful there. How can you enjoy when you have to give presentations at such places. Company paid booze was the only excitement. After 3 days stay I felt there is nothing to stay for 3 days because it is on hill top so you don’t have places to visit except the resort. You can enjoy the nature and surrounding for one day maximum. You can enjoy 3 days only if you are newly married couple.

f you are coming back from shimla or going to shimla then you can plan a short trip their. But this short trip will not be less than 5-6 hours because wait time for cable car is around 45 minutes – 1 hour at both sides. Rest 3-4 hours you can enjoy the place and food. If you are going for one day only then make sure to come back by 5.00 PM. The cable car operates only from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you are stucked then it will be a big problem.

So when are you planning to Timber trail?

If you are in Chandigarh you can plan another weekend getaway Morni Hills, which is 30 kms from Panchkula. Read all travelogues by clicking here.

Timber Trail

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12 thoughts on “Timber Trail

  1. Hi Naveen, one of Bua lives in Parwanoo and I have been here many a times and to Timbre trail as well.This is not a journey but an experience in itself. great write up.You can visit my blog as at the above mentioned address.

  2. hi Naveen

    your blog was full of such type of information , i was looking for. Actually one of my friend told me about this place but i was not able to collect the whole information. youe blog helps me a lot.

    Thanx for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Naveen, thats really some useful information as I am planning to go there while returning from Shimla next month.

    I have one question, do I need to make booking (online or so) before going there or Its not a housefull type place (can be booked after eraching there).

  4. Hi Manish
    Thanks for your encouraging comment. It is suggested to book room in advance. It is full on weekends most of the time.

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