Journey to Deoghar


Once again I started my journey, this time to Deoghar in Jharkhand. This city is also known as Baba dham because of big shiv temple. This city attracts a large number of lord shiva’s devotees from nearby states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and W. Bengal. This city is special pilgrimage for me as this is my in-laws place.

Journey started with trouble. Train was from Ambala. I reached Sector 17 bus stand, Chandigarh to get a bus for Ambala. Not a single bus was ready to take passengers for Ambala, because in night they get enough travelers for Delhi who pay Rs. 142/- per ticket while Ambala ticket is Rs. 28/-. Forcefully I entered in a bus. Journey started, first problem created at toll point. This bus driver paid to and fro toll, but lost the slip. Employee at toll point was not ready to check in his system without seeing the toll slip. After some arguments he started searching for slip again and found it below his seat. Finally toll gate opened, but new problem arrived. Bus was not starting. Then finally our Indian jugad technology of Dhakka mar, start kar theory was applied, and I reached Ambala at 10.30 pm.

Feeling hungry, so went to puran singh dhaba, opposite to railway station. There are many puran singh’s dhaba and everyone is claiming that they are the original. People say that the one which is at the corner of bus stand is the orginal one. So I had my dinner at the duplicate puran singh’s. Ordered for Keema Kaleji.. by god, it was delicious. I am wondering if duplicate puran singh can make such a tasty food, then how it would be at orginal one.

So reached to station. I was going in Amritsar Howroh mail. Train was supposed to come on platform No. 2. I reached there, train arrived. I entered in the train but found someone else on the seat. After some discussions like oye this is my seat, na ji this is mine. I have the ticket, I also have the ticket. So after checking the ticket I came to know that it is Amritsar Howroh Express, which departs at 11 PM from Ambala and depart from Platform 1. This train was late by 25 mins and arrived on platform 2 as there was another train on 1. My train was Amritsar howroh Mail which departs at 11.35 PM. I came to know that now my train is coming on platform no. 1. I again ran to platform 1. I don’t know why 2 trains to same destination within gap of half an hour. Another surprising thing that the train in which I was traveling is names as mail but take 8 hours less than the express to reach howroh. Great Indian Railway.

Finally I got my seat. I was alone in my compartment. Morning around 7.30, I got an companion passenger. He came with talking somebody on phone, placed 4 luggage of a single person. He settled and put his phone on charging. After 10-15 mins he got a call, i heard voice of some girl from other side (earpiece volume of his phone might be high). This guy started justifying on phone that he was busy in packing & moving out of home so didn’t call her. Hmmmm, dude talking to girlfriend. After listening to some more phone calls of him, I realized that this guy is married and having a son. He is school teacher and going to join Govt. job. This was quiet weird. This guy was talking so well to his wife and on the other hand he was promising his girlfriend that he will get divorce but now as he just got job and need 2-3 years time. I realized his girlfriend was a school girl. What a weird thing, how someone can do this to her student. He was joining west Bengal education board and lying her that he will get transferred to lucknow. Uffff what is going around. Now I started getting irritated with his calls. Thanks to my boss and subordinates who made me busy by asking lots of things, and forced me check my mails. For some time I didn’t listened to him.

Now another problem, train stopped at some local station and we came to know that engine is failed.. after 3 hours we got new engine and started, train was late by 3 hours. I found it fine because my train was supposed to reach at 2.30 am now it was supposed to reach on 5.30 am so I can sleep comfortably. This guy was continued on phone fighting with that school girl and then convincing her that he is made for her only. Around 11.30 this guy asked me we entered in Bihar?? I said yes. He told his girlfriend now roaming started, can’t speak and disconnected the phone. Such an bastard, whole day this girl was calling him then it was fine, as soon he entered in roaming, he disconnect.

Reaching Deoghar

Finally reached to my destination Deoghar in morning. Stepped out of station and saw entire station is painted orange with Kavariya’s. I clicked a pic but it was humid and created moist on the lens so started with a bad pic. But I was impressed with the arrangements done on the station for pilgrims. I was not expecting such a good arrangement in jharkhand.

Reached home. Saw my wife & son after 2 months. Felt good. He became more naughty now and he was now able to hold things, but didn’t recognized me. I told him if you will not recognize me, you will be in loss.

Roaming in Deoghar City

This city is having congested roads. For local travel you have to get Rickshaw / Autorickshaw. Economy is based majorly on pilgrims and salaried people.

This city is having mix population of Bengali’s, Bhojpuri’s, Maithil’s and local’s. So u will find 4 languages here – Bengali, bhojpuri, maithili and mix of all these.

After getting ready I went to the Baidyanath Temple. Huge crowd, I clicked lots of pics.

While returning had Kachori which was actually poori sabji and chhena jalebi. This jalebi was delicious. This shop Awantika Mishthann Bhandar is famous for its fresh sweets.

Then visited to Navlakha temple. This temple is divided in 2 parts. Both are managed by different committees and they have some tussle among them. One of them is temple of some baba ji (I forgot the name). They tried to copy style of Birla temple, Jaipur. Second one is actually famous called navlakha or naulakha temple. Someone told me that this temple costed Rs. 9 lakh at that time so it is called naulakha temple. Beautiful temple, must see.

Shopping in Deoghar

Only shopping I did was buying kurta’s and shoes. I am fond of wearing kurta’s. I got quality and variety of kurta’s here and at cheaper rates. Bought 3.

Cheating at Khadim Shoe Store

Another shopping was for shoes at Khadim. I selected one pair of shoes of rs. 699/-. Salesman took the shoe packet and rather than giving it at billing counter took it inside and came after 10 mins. Person at billing counter gave me an manual bill of Rs. 749/-. I asked it was 699/-, he started arguing, no sir this is the price, you can check the price tag. I checked that the price of 699 was printed, and this guy pasted sticker of 749 on it. When I removed sticker I found that price of Rs. 699/- was erased. I argued with him to give me computerized bill. Then this guy said sir let me check. Then he gave me computerized bill of Rs. 699/-. I wanted to screw him, then thought Chhad yaar.

Coming back to Chandigarh

Here came another trouble. We were supposed to leave on 25th. When I checked ticket I came to know by mistake they took reservation for 26th. Now what to do.. can’t do anything so enjoyed again, visited Nandan Pahad which is amusement park of deoghar. It was ok types but quite good for deogharites, as this is one of the oldest amusement park in Jharkhand.

Finally boarded on 26th in train, reached chandigarh back on 28th. It was actually great journey with great experience. Lets see, where next?

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Journey to Deoghar

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  1. Hello Naveenji!!

    Abhi article poora padhaa nahin hai… but the first look… impressive. Am happy you have finally started your travelogue. 🙂

    Lokking forward to more such photo-essays cum travelogues 🙂


  2. M a deogharite bt due to my job m out frm my hometown.dis article really made me happy .hey u hadnt written nything abt पेङा which is speciality of deoghar.nd 1 thing i must say dat u had missed famous सन्देश and रसगुल्ला in awantika mishtan bhandar.nxt time do try them.

  3. Hi Naveen.. Nice article dude.. m also frm deoghar and m out frm deoghar due to my job , just like Rashmi, Dear can understand ur feeling 🙂 .. Maza aa gaya padh ke .. ya u should must try “Sandesh”

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