Acer Netbook Review

Recently I bought a netbook by acer. It’s a mini laptop with 10 inch screen. Before buying this netbook I checked netbook of all brands like HP, Lenovo, Toshiba.

Difference in HP, lenovo, Acer and Toshiba netbooks: Basically there is no major difference in netbook of all these companies except brand name and price.

Configuration: All brands netbooks are coming up with almost same configuration. 160Gb HDD, 1GB RAM, 1.66 ghz, Intel Atom processor, Windows XP SP3 is the configuration of all brands including HP, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba. Webcam is integrated, 3 USB ports, Lan port, MMC reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are also part of the configuration.

Price: Acer netbook (aspire one) is costing Rs. 19500, HP netbook is costing Rs. 21000, Lenovo is Rs. 22000.

Operating System: All these brands are coming with windows xp sp3. Acer is giving 2 choices: if you buy acer netbook with linux which is costing Rs. 16500, and another is a preloaded window. HP, Lenovo are coming up with preloaded windows.

Why I purchased Acer netbook: After research of all these brands, I opted for Acer aspire one, D250 is the model. When there is no such difference in configuration then why to pay Rs. 2-3K more. There are some additional things with Acer. First is that, in HP there are 2 models, with and without Bluetooth. Model with Bluetooth is costing Rs. 800 more. (As told by salesperson). So your cost increases to almost 3K. HP is not giving you carry pouch, which is available with Acer.

Most important thing which attracted me was battery backup of Acer. HP salesperson claims 5-5.5 hours backup and Acer claims 7 hours backup, which is true also as per my experience.

Performance: I am using Acer netbook from past 2 months. It is performing well. It’s very handy, easy to carry, weight is just 1.20 kg. I am also using Adobe photoshop CS2 on my netbook and it is working well. But if you are using it for photo corrections then fine, but if you want to use it for heavy graphics and designing then it will become very slow. Battery backup is actually 7 hours right now which is enough for me.

Suggestion: If you are not too much biased for brand like HP, lenovo then you can go for Acer. HP is definitely a bigger brand than acer but giving same product, infact with some minor drawbacks. It is giving similar kind of performance, so you can think of saving Rs. 2000.

Service Centre: HP is having more service centres but now Acer is also providing service in all cities.

Acer Netbook

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