Myths about photography to a layman

Many of my friends ask me which camera they should buy. While discussing with them, I came to know about many misconception about camera and photography. Here are few most common myths, and my views on that.

More Megapixel, better picture: Most of the people think that megapixel of the camera makes the photo better. It’s not right. You must have seen good photographs clicked by mobile phone which is merely 2 or 3 MP. A Mega pixel helps you in getting prints in bigger size. To print a photograph in A2 size, you need camera with 10 or more megapixel. 7 or 8 MP camera photos can be printed in A3 size.

For awesome pics you need SLR : This is again a myth. Yes, it’s true that SLR camera is equipped with advance features and specific lenses for each work so definitely it will give better results. But if you have a compact or point to shoot camera you can click amazing pics. You just need to understand the composition, right exposure and settings of your camera. Here are some links of photos which are clicked by normal point and shoot camera.

Person with bigger camera (SLR) is a good photographer: Person with a mobile phone camera can be a better photographer. I know many people who have SLR but they click in Auto mode. What is the use of SLR if you can’t play with settings. Any person who can make a good composition and know which setting will be used in what condition will be a better photographer.

X brand of camera take better picture than Y brand: You will always hear that canon is better then Nikon or Sony or vice versa. Each camera is having some positives and negatives. Not any company can say their camera is having everything. Remember a photographer is better, not the camera.

You need to be a good name in photography to sell your photographs: Anybody can sell photographs. When somebody needs a photo for their work, they just need photo with the concept they are looking for, not the name who clicked it. You just need to know where to post your pics to get it salable.

All photos sold at Rs. 10K-20K or more: Photos are sold in cents also. All the beautiful photos are not sold on very high price. They start selling from Rs. 50 to n amount.

I am a good photographer: Last but not the least, after clicking 5 good pics everybody feels he is a good photographer. You can never say about any of your pic that it will come fantastic before looking at the result. You can be sure it will come out well, but can’t say fantastic because many times what your eyes see, camera doesn’t capture that sometimes camera captures things better than what you see.

Digital Zoom v/s optical zoom: This point was suggested by friend. Digital word creates fancy. When you are looking for zoom, always check it is optical zoom or digital zoom. Go for optical zoom. Our mobile cameras have digital zoom, so you can check quality yourself.

Photography Myths

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6 thoughts on “Photography Myths

  1. good artical but i would like to add 1 more point in this ……..about the zoom….people fall for fancy names… digital zoom they think its better then optical zoom cos it sounds better but what they really don’t know is that digital zoom is fake it just give you a closer look of the existing picture…….

  2. Very Well written and explained. I really appreciate the effort I still remember its just a few months back when all met and he started off and today he is running and doing excellent job. Very right in saying its not the camera which makes the picture beautiful its what you want to capture. Its the human mind and your own thought process what you can see in a particular object or a situation which makes picture distinct. Great Going! Cheers!

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