10 Reasons – Why Osama Bin Laden got killed?


–         Manmohan Singh is not President of US.

–         Barack Obama don’t take permissions from Sonia Ji.

–         He was not hiding in India. Our system is unable to find a Chief Minister in own country, can you expect them to find Osama.

–         He didn’t surrendered himself to Indian government. This government is not able to give death sentence to already arrested and proven guilty Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru after years. Osama could have spent a life here.

–         CBI was not incharge of investigation and operation. They are busy in saving Kalmadi and Raja.

–         Amar Singh didn’t leak the tape of Obama’s phone.

–         In Pakistan, he was not in minority community, so no human right activist and secular journalist came to save him.

–         He didn’t meet Ekta Kapoor. She could have given him tip to be alive again.

–         He didn’t requested Rajnikant to save him.

–         Last but not the least. He trusted Pakistan.

10 Reasons – Why Osama Bin Laden got killed?

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19 thoughts on “10 Reasons – Why Osama Bin Laden got killed?

  1. Nice ..Naveen..

    Lagta hai thorough Study kiya hai aapne..

    CM,Afzal was Quite impressive..

  2. 2nd reson is most important cz this UPA govt. has to take consent from Sonia Ji!

    she is betaaj Maharani of India…. sad 🙁

  3. Nice reasonings Chachu .. but why is bechara desi superhero Rajnikant dragged into every happening. 😛

  4. it’s very true…. Nicely drafred….
    One more reason : obama is not Indian politician…!!

  5. Last one, I am not in complete agreement………….Though good to hear being anti-Pakistan but want to remain factually correct!

    Since he was in Pakistan, he was able to hide their for more than 6 years and as a matter of fact, Americans did not inform Pakistan before raiding else he would have survived.

  6. One mistake in last statement:

    Please read/modify “hide there” instead of “hide their”

  7. Wah… We would like to honour to ourself if you could permit us to get the doctrate degree of our ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOLS, JHAMOORITALYA, INDIA… :)… Each n every point is very strict to the destiny…

    Hey Bhagwan hum kab honge Dimaag se Jawan aur lenge koi Dicision Mahan…

    Inn Politicians ne kar diya hai bahut Preshaan…

    Obama le ja inhe aur de de Jal Samadhi ussi Osama ke saath…!!!

  8. saurabh.. it was actually not anti-pakistan. it was actually a sarcasm on indian government. Just to make it light i mentioned, Rajnikant and Ekta Kapoor.

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