Padma Shri Naveen


26th January every year is season of awards called Padma Vibhushan, Padma bhushan, Padma shri. This year I was also expecting atleast Padma award but hard luck. I checked this year’s awardees list and found I am not fit on any criteria. I have a clean and no controversy background.

I request PMO to award me atleast Padma shri in 2011. I promise to fulfill all the criteria required for padma shri / padma bhushan awards as per this year’s awardees qualifications. I promise that:

  1. I will be defaulter of all major banks.
  2. I will take loans from bank and declare myself bankrupt.
  3. I promise to beat Madhu koda’s score in scams.
  4. I will kill atleast one endangered / conserved species of wild animals like Chinkara deer or white tiger.
  5. I will marry an elder woman and than give divorce to her.
  6. I will get my girlfriend’s name tattooed on my hand.
  7. I will use abusive language in public places and functions.
  8. I will not do anything for society’s benefit.
  9. I will regularly organize rave parties for MP’s and bureaucrats.
  10. Finally, I will do lobbying for the awards.


I believe by all this I will fulfill the criteria for padma bhushan / padma shri awards. I am thanking government in advance to give me padma awards.

My friends you can also congratulate me in advance. Next year I will be known as Padma shri Naveen. Oh… forgot to say- if you wish to get padma awards, follow my tip. Trust me it works. We have examples this year.

Padma Shri Naveen

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4 thoughts on “Padma Shri Naveen

  1. Thats fine chachu, but what happen to “love aajkal” series. I am waiting for the next episode to read….

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