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You meet many people and impress by some of their qualities, but there are very few people whose overall personality impress you. I usually don’t get impress by people. But in last few years I met 2 such people for whom I can say I am a big fan of them. One of them is Raghunath Sir.

First time I met Raghu sir in 2004, when I was Brand executive in Dainik Jagran. Our team was newly structured team headed by Brand Manager Mr. Tarun Rastogi and we were six people in the team. After few months Raghu Sir joined as GM- Brand.

The day he joined I was on leave. When I came back I saw him sitting in his cabin. I saw a tall and handsome man sitting with his laptop (I guess it was Toshiba) with seriousness on his face. He was discussing something with Tarun sir. I observed him. He was listening to tarun sir very seriously and then he replied something with the same seriousness on his face. His facial expression reminded me of  my teachers who always used to listen me carefully and after then screw me for doing “bakwas”. Anyway I was not reporting to him so it was not a concern for me.

First time I got a chance to interact with him when Jagran was planning to launch Junior Jagran. This interaction gave me entirely different experience. I was asked to travel Punjab with my colleague Soma Pandey for the launch of Junior Jagran. Raghu sir called me and asked me what I know about the project and what I will do there. I told him whatever I knew about the product & the work I was supposed to do. I also tried to impress him by using some bookish jargons to present myself as intelligent person (which i am not).

He listened everything with patience and then asked me to have seat. I was scared; I felt that I did some “bakwas” again. Raghu sir described the concept behind Junior jagran to me. Why we are launching this product, how it is going to enhance the brand image, how it will change the perception about Jagran in public schools and how this will later on impact on the revenue. This was approx half an hour eye opener session. First time I came to know how fantastic is the project. For me it was simply a launch to get more circulation and a chance to visit Punjab. First time I understood the practical use of terms which were mentioned in my Brand & product management book.

This interaction changed the whole perception of strict Raghu Sir. He is very soft and nice person. He knew that I am a fresher and I don’t have such kind of knowledge, so he came to my level and defined everything by giving interesting examples.

After then I had many more discussions with sir for some other projects on social issues. He gave us access to IRS software and taught us how to study it and derive strategies. For the entire team it was great learning experience. When I left jagran, I was in continuous touch with him. His guidance helped me a lot.

The best part with raghu sir is that he doesn’t have any ego. You will never feel that you are talking to such a senior person. He will come to your level and tell you things in easy language and ensures that you understood things well. His observation is superb. You will be surprised when you will listen about consumer behaviour from him. You will feel “oh yes, I have seen people behaving in such a way but I never noticed”. His command over language is fantastic. Raghu sir belongs to Andhra Pradesh but the way he speaks hindi, you can’t guess that he is south indian.

He spent more than 30 years in print media and the kind of knowledge he have is amazing. Raghunath sir is master in figures, brand management, product management and strategic planning. We always got benefit of his expertise. He is always ready to share his learning’s and knowledge. It hardly matters to him how well you are known to him. If you have any doubts ask him, he will make sure that you get the perfect solution.

Raghu Sir always gave personal touch to the relations. We met professionally but it is not a professional relation now. Its more than 6 years but still the entire Jagran team is in touch with Raghu sir. Whenever I go to delhi for more than a day, I ensure to visit his place. We all see Raghu sir as our mentor, our guru.

Meeting him always gives an immense pleasure. Today I am writing this on birthday of raghu sir. Sir wishing you many many happy returns of the day. May god fulfill all your wishes.

AS Raghunath

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3 thoughts on “AS Raghunath

  1. अब क्या करूँ तेरा नवीन? तुमने तो मुझे रुला दिया.

    सच यह है कि संजोग से मुझे जागरण में एक खूबसूरत ड्रीम टीम अनायास ही मिला था. काबिल, जुझारू और हर तरह से कार्य- कुशल. यह भी संजोग है की ब्रांड की भिन्न-भिन्न जरूरतों के मुताबिक़ हर सदस्य अलग-अलग तरह की पात्रता से परिपूर्ण था. मुझे सिर्फ इतना सा भर करना था कि हर किसी के हुनर के मुताबिक उसकी कार्य क्षेत्र सौंपू, ताकि वह सदस्य फिर अपने काम को बखूबी एंजाय करे. यह भी सच है, एक टीम का प्रणेता अपनी काबिलीयत से नहीं, बल्कि टीम के परफामेंस से ही जाना-माना जाता है.

    जागरण ब्रांड से कहीं ज्यादा जागरण की कार्य-कुशल टीम ने मुझे दिल्ली शहर में एक नयी पहचान दी.

    यह तो तुम लोगों का किया-कराया सफल प्रोजेक्ट्स था कि मैं जागरण से अलग होने के बाद आज भी दिल्ली में टिक कर कर नए-नए प्रोजेक्ट पर काबिज हूँ. तुम लोगों की बदौलत किये गए प्रयोगों को मैं अन्य मार्केटों में भी सफलता पूर्वक आजमा रहा हूँ. मुझे बस यही कहना है कि हर कोई बेहद काबिल था मेरे टीम में. और इसीलिये हर कोई मेरे टीम का सदस्य आज एक सफल प्रोफेशनल बन कर विभिन्न जगहों पर काबिज हो, मुझे गौरान्वित कर रहा है. मैं अपनी ड्रीम-टीम की जितनी प्रशंसा करूँ, कम है. तुमने उस गौरवमयी अतीत की याद दिला कर मुझे इमोशनल कर दिया है आज.

    सोमा, मिनाक्षी, कमला, अनामिका, नवीन, रूपेश, रेनू, सुजीत, संजीत, अनिल, शैलेन और तरुण, मैं तुम सबों का ऋणी रहूँगा.

  2. Dear Naveen,
    I was just curious about my name and was googling with search term Soma Pandey and came across to this lovely expression of your experience. I really felt good, gone back to that time….

    Raghu Sir
    सर इतना कहना ही आपका हमलोगों के लिए बहुत मायने रखता हैं की हम आपकी dream टीम का हिस्सा थे. हम सब अपनी करियर की शुरुआत में आपके जैसा मार्गदर्शन मिला जो बहुत बड़ा हिस्सा हैं आज की हमारी सफलता का.

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