Love Aaj Kal Part-III


Part-I was about my meeting with stuti. Click here for part-I. Part-II was about my revenge with viky. Click here  for part-II

Year 2005, Location – Delhi

I got a call from some unknown mobile number. Stuti was on the phone. She informed me that she is shifting to Delhi next week. I knew about it already through her cousin but I didn’t tell her. I was happy to know she is coming.

She reached delhi and called me. She was staying just 2 kms from my house. We decided to meet at 5 PM on Vikas Marg, just before laxmi nagar crossing. I shaved sprayed perfume (I don’t use perfume usually), washed my Honda Unicorn and reached there. She was coming from other side of the road. From distance she was looking like some south Indian girl, her complexion changed to wheatish from fair, more healthier than 2000. She came closer, smiled and I recognized. Smile was same and ofcourse her beautiful eyes.

She was not ready to sit on my bike. She said she will fell down. Height of Honda unicorn was more than other bikes in the category like Bajaj Pulsar or Hero Honda CBZ. I assured her she will not fall down. She said that back seat is too much sloped, I will fall on you. I winked and said “I don’t mind, come”. Finally we moved from there and went to Centrestage Mall, Noida. We discussed about our jobs, and also laughed on past memories and fights.

Started feeling something..

We started meeting on weekends and daily phone calls. One day I got a call from her to meet after office. I reached her home at 6.30PM. It was end of October and evenings were comparatively chilled. She was not in good mood and wanted to go for a ride. I took her to University road. This road is wide, so free from heavy Delhi traffic. She was feeling bit cold. I asked her to put her hands in pocket of my jacket. She did that. After some time I felt that she kissed on my shoulder. I was not sure because of jacket’s thickness. I thought might be touched because of brake.  

After that day call frequency increased and meetings also. Her house was in my way, so while returning back from office I used to visit her. I felt that some feelings about me are developing in her. I already had some from 2000, but forgot her with time. Now a sweet feeling started at both end.

1 afternoon, I was at her place. She cooked food for me. After food she went to kitchen to wash utensils and I laid down on her bed and started watching TV. She came in some time, sat beside me. After 10 mins she asked me to make space for her on bed. It was a single bed. I was shocked but created space for her. She also came inside the blanket and laid down. We were very close, I was not comfortable because of less space. Heart beats increase to 110 from 72. I asked her something and she came more close to reply. I was not able to control myself. I asked her “Can I kiss you?” She nodded. I kissed her gently. After 2-3 seconds I got return kiss. Next kiss was more than 2 minutes.. and the story started. I asked her when she started feeling about me. She said she always liked me, but actually the story started from the day we went for ride to University road. She admitted she kissed on my shoulder from back that day. We enjoyed time together.. long drive on my 150CC bike in night with its sloped seat.. having vodka sometimes, shopping, etc..

Things were going smoothly, suddenly one day my girlfriend (from my MBA time) called that where are you? You are not calling me, not meeting me. What is going on? I was shocked , what to say.. Anyway stuti was aware that I have a girlfriend, I told her in first meeting. I told her about the issue. She didn’t said anything. I was confused – what to do now? Whom to choose – Girl with whom I am in relation with last 2 years or the girl whom I knew from long time, liked her but things started now.

Equationally stuti was a better match. She was 1 year elder to me and a Brahmin, MBA and working with MNC. Family was from teaching profession. I am a Brahmin, from family of lectures and professors, so this equation was fine. On the other side my girlfriend was from a traditional Rajput family of UP. That was a tough equation from parents side. I discussed this with stuti. She asked me what I want. I told her that ours is new relation and may be because of some past and some gaps in our life. I promised my girlfriend to take relationship further. She said she loves me but don’t see a future in our relationship.

Like all Indian man I came back to my girlfriend. Stuti asked for transfer from company and moved out of Delhi. This is the sad end of story. Worst part is that my father didn’t agreed for my girlfriend also for marriage as expected. I lost her also. I will share about her some other time. Keep reading.

Love Aaj Kal Part-III

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12 thoughts on “Love Aaj Kal Part-III

  1. Hmmm the new form of Chetan Bhagat is on its way… kuch feka bhi hai…but goos writting…keep it up waititng for more chapters….

  2. @goutam: thanks for your sahanubhuti.
    @piyush: lout ke buddhu ghar ko hi ata hai.. thanks for your wishes. and thanks for being with me during those years of struggle.
    @jyoti: aap jaise dost hamesha helpful rahe hai chup reh kar.
    @chandan: Jyada option bhi aadmi ko confuse karte hai. focus on one. Final learning yahi hai.. dekho mujhe 2 ke chakkar me “maya mili na raam”
    @daddu: thanks.. isme feka kuch bhi nahi hai, tum to is story ke kuch part me spectator bhi the.. yaha to maine bahut kuch chhupaya hai.. censor board and privacy policy, u know.

  3. ye options to bas M.A. ke baad wale hain…..pahle ki kahani to bahut lambi hai….school, college, elections…etc…

  4. wao! wd simple wrds ur love aaj kal has a ability to touch each heart… really nic

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