Love Aj Kal Part – II


First part was how I met Stuti, and entry of Villain. Click here to read Part-I

Revenge with Viky

I created fake email id. I mailed to viky by name of Mansi (Name of Heroine in taal movie). I mailed him – “Hi Viky, I never met you, but I heard a lot about you from one of your friend. I am impressed just by listening about you. You are really so impressive or your friend is boasting about you.” I wrote many good adjectives for him in the mail.

Next day I received mail from him. He replied “ Hi Mansi, Thanks for your mail. Which friend of mine you know? You are really impressed or you are joking? Whats your number, where do you live?”

I smiled and felt satisfaction that man is falling in the trap. I replied “I will not tell you name of your friend. First I want to know you well, then I will disclose the details. I belong to delhi and my name is mansi. Is it enough for this time? If you will force me to give more information, I will not continue this. And I am not joking.. I heard you are a good singer also.. Right?”

I checked my mail after 2 days. I received 3 mails from him. First was after 2 hours of my reply. This idiot was waiting eagerly for my mails. See what were the replies..

Reply 1: Hi Mansi, I just wanted to know. Ok I will not ask more details. Don’t stop sending mails to me. But we will be just email friends or I will get chance to see you. Yes I sing well. I will sing a kishore kumar song for you when we will meet. By sweety, take care. Yours viky”. Men are like that only..  5 days back he was Stuti’s Viky and today he is mine. Good going buddy.

Reply 2: I didn’t check my mail for 2 days and this idiot got panicked. Next mail was – “Hi Mansi, Are you angry. I told you na, I will not ask any details. Now reply my sweety pie.” In second mail I became his sweety pie.

Reply 3; Same day evening he mailed again. He wrote so many sorry in one mail and requested in last line to revert.

I reverted him and we started exchanging mails with some sweet adjective and bit flirting from both side.

After 15 days of this relation I asked him to come and meet me in Delhi. He asked my number and address, I told him to come to CP. Their only we will meet. This idiot got reservation for Delhi and mailed me details about train arrival, what he will be wearing etc..

I thought let him come to delhi, then felt it will be too much. I showed all his mails to stuti. She was shocked. I said now I will revert him. She said she will speak to him about this. I reminded her promise that now she will not speak to him. But stuti said she don’t care about promise and she will speak to him.

I thought let me mail him first before stuti speak to him. I mailed him – Bastard don’t come to Delhi. I am Naveen, the guy about whom you wrote so much to stuti. How can you write about me. Person like you is talking about my character who is ready to go delhi to meet a girl whom he don’t know, never met.” Viky gone mad after reading my mail. He said he will come to jaipur and kill me. I warned him not even to think about this and go to hell.. He was so much hurt that gone into depression.

Big time fight with stuti

Stuti scolded me a lot for writing him. She was worried about his friend. I reminded her words she said to me that he is better than me and not a flirt etc. She kept quiet and moved.

For this incident she had some arguments with her cousin also. Both sisters were supporting their friends. My friend said naveen’s act is fine. Viky is actually culprit. I became culprit for creating difference between 2 sisters. But I must appreciate my friend. She is a true friend. I still rely on her. She supported me in this matter and fought with Stuti.

After this incident stuti stopped talking to me. She was hurt that I fooled his friend. Slowly things calmed down, we started talking but not with same warmth and always with some sarcasm for each other. Her summer project finished, she moved back and we lost the contact. Though we both were aware about each other’s movement and progress through my friend.

Part-II end. I met her again after long time and a new story started. Click here for Part – III.

Love Aaj Kal Part-II

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  1. babuji, m through with chapter I & II, very interesting I am not habitual of reading such long paragraphs but since its related 2 love n all I did so n must say good one…

    I belive there would b many more in ur life 🙂

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