Love Aaj Kal Part – I


This is a filmy type story where hero heroine had fights, no contact for years; they meet again, attracted towards each other and again separated. This story starts in 2000 when I was doing my PG in Economics from Economics department, Rajasthan University.

I met this lady in my hometown Jaipur. She was cousin of one of my very close friend. First time I saw a glimpse of her at my friend’s home. Long hair, fair, short height, average built, in short like Rani Mukherjee. She saw us entering in her house and ran away in her room. Shy girl.. I looked at my friend, she reverted “my cousin, on vacations”.

Our first meeting

I came to know few things about her that she is doing MBA, came on vacations after than she will join internship. I requested my friend to atleast introduce her with one of your best friend. We met first time at their place. She also knew me by name, she said she knows many things about me through her sister. Here I did a blunder.. I used to flirt safely with all beautiful girls of my department. I thought my friend told her about that. So slowly I started flirting with her, of course safely. She was shocked and my friend also. Later my friend told me that she told her all good things about me like I am sincere, caring, a bit studious etc, and I ruined all that image. I decided I will correct my image. Forgot to tell you, her name was stuti (ofcourse, not the real name).

Knowing each other more

Stuti got her summer project in Jaipur. I thought this is the right time, I will meet her regularly and change my image. I am very image conscious person. That was the time I was new to internet so asked her to help me in checking and sending emails. She taught me and I sent first mail to her describing that I was joking that day and all. Few days later she wanted to go to cyber café and accompanied me. We were sitting together in cyber café. Stuti got a mail from some guy Viky. She opened the mail and quickly closed it, but I noticed my name written in the mail. I asked her, she said nothing. I forced her to open the mail again. We started reading the mail.. Viky wrote “Hey stuti, I am very angry. You have given your email password to Sam, you trust him so much. Why don’t you trust me? And who is this bloody Naveen Choudhary? You told Sam to read his mail. I also read that mail Be careful, this guy naveen seems a big flirt and awaara type of boy. Don’t speak to him, don’t meet him. You are innocent, you don’t know such guys. They go behind any girl and ruin their life. Take Care. Yours Viky”

After reading this mail, feeling of revenge ignited inside me. I was too angry. I asked stuti that I will revert to this guy. How can he write like this about me, he don’t know me, never spoken and never met to me. Stuti aksed me to calm down. I asked her who is he, so much caring guy and giving orders to you. Who is Sam? Stuti told me Sam and Viky were her classmates in graduation and good friends of her. Viky wanted their relationship more than a friend. Stuti clearly said be friend or quit. So he is a friend only now “forcefully”.

Sam is matured guy and stuti asked him to read my mail. Viky read it and felt insecure that some guy will come in her life than he will have no chance.

Our first fight

I asked stuti to write a mail to him or give me his number. Stuti said I will not do anything and anyway Viky is better than me. He is so concerned about her. He is not a flirt like me and blah blah..

We started fighting on this issue. My ego was hurt and I wanted that bastard to teach a lesson. I challenged Stuti. I said Viky is a frustrated guy. He will go behind any girl whoever will talk to him. Stuti said fine, prove it. If you prove it I will not talk to him and if you can’t prove it, I will not speak to you ever. I said fine.

Part – I end. Click here to read Part – II about Operation Viky and my fights with stuti on the matter.

Love Aaj Kal Part-I

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