Youngistan – Authentic and Real movie review


Disclaimer: This is not a typical movie review. Youngistan movie plot is on politics, hence the review is political. This review is written for fun reading, not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Here I start..

Trailers always show best scenes of the movie, but this movies trailer was like congress manifesto, so youngistan was not in my watch list. But a friend, behaved like a party of UPA alliance with me, and recommended to watch it. I was alone at home, planning to have beer. But after recommendation, I kept the beer back in fridge and decided to watch the movie.  Let me tell you guys, this movie was so awesome that I am writing movie review after 2 years on my blog.


 2 hours movie can be explained in 3 lines. Prime Minister of India passed away and party decided to field his 28 years young game developer NRI son as PM. Now the new prime minister is struggling to balance his political life and his live in relationship. And without any plan and strategy he manages everything.

Jacky Bhagnani is portrayed as Rahul Gandhi. You will find characters resembling to P. Chidambaram, Pranab Mukerjee and the great “Arnab Goswami”.


Jacky Bhagnani not played, but he lived the role of Rahul Gandhi. He is looking naturally dumb like Rahul. Infact in some of the scenes he worked hard to look dumber than Rahul Gandhi. His natural acting will force you to think that he is really dumb or he took tuition from Rahul baba.

 After watching youngistan movie, I am sure that Jacky Bhagnani is having capability to replace superstars like Harman Baveja and Uday Chopra. If Aditya Chopra can think over his family he can cast Jacky in Dhoom 4 in place of Uday Chopra.

Neha Sharma is playing role of Jacky’s girlfriend. She is beautiful. Scope of acting was not much for Neha Sharma, but there was minimal visibility of cleavage in some of the scenes. This minimal visibility of cleavage may remind you famous statement of Rajiv Gandhi “Only 15 paisa reaches to public out of Rs. 1 spent by the government.”

Most unfit person in the movie was Late Farooq Sheikh, who played role of P.A. to P.M. He is the only one who did acting in entire movie.


I don’t know who is the director of movie, and I am not interested in knowing, but for one thing I am sure that director of the movie is not less genius than Shri Digvijay Singh Ji. The way Digvijay Singh ji identified the talent of screwing party in Rahul Gandhi, director of youngistan also identified the talent of screwing movie in Jacky Bhagnani. He knew that only Jacky Bhagnani can do justice with the role of Rahul Gandhi.

Just like Digvijay singh ji knows that biggest talent of Rahul Baba is ‘Gandhi’ surname, the director also knows the biggest talent of Jacky is ‘Bhagnani’ surname.

Screen play:

Screenplay of the movie will remind you last 10 years of congress rule. You will not be able to find out where it started and where it is going. Just like in past 10 years you were unable to understand whether our government is working for poor, industries, or for middleclass, you will not be able to understand that it is love story, political story or comedy. Just like government was not able to work for anyone, this movie also fails to fall in any category.

My Advice to Jacky

In case Jacky is planning to do some more movies, he should put posters and standees in the theatre for audience with message “Ya to Aana – Ni, or agar movie dekhne aa gaye to please BHAGNA – NI”

If Jacky Bhagnani is not doing any more movies then he should seriously think about joining congress. He is having all capabilities of replacing Rahul Gandhi. Be it in terms of looks, work or family name.

Moral of the story:

Youngistan – Authentic and Real movie review

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  1. Thanks for your awesome explanation of the movie..

    वैसे “कटाक्ष” भी कम नही है.

    अब यह मेरी पसंदीदा है

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