2-3 weeks back I saw promo of vishwaroopam in theatre and wanted to watch it, but the controversy forced to watch it on Day 1 only.  And I was not alone on a Friday, 7 PM show, 75% seats were full and found many Tamil people as well watching the movie.

Story and Screenplay

Omar (rahul bose) is a talibani terrorist and lives in Afganistan. He plans a nuclear attack on newyork.

Kamal Haasan is playing role of an Indian agent Wisan kashmiri (muslim) and is in US on mission to fail Omar’s plan. He is hiding his identity and living as Dance instructor Vishwanath.

I will not go in more detail but as happens in all movies, the hero ensures that plan of villain get failed. After failure of US attack omar plans for Mission India, this will be sequel of this movie Vishwaroopam II India.

Vishwaroop begins with showing Kamal Haassan as dance instructor and in between explains the story and background in flashback. There are many violent scenes. So people with weak heart are not supposed to see it.

Kamal Haasan himself wrote it and directed it beautifully. He used flashback to explain the story so beautifully that it keeps you stick to your seat. At the same time he will make you laugh through fantastic dialogues and acting.


There is nothing in the movie vishwaroopam which can be called offensive or hurting the sentiments of muslim or against islam. Infact the movie shows that war is not good for anyone. We lose lives from both sides.  An afgani terrorist attacking on US and an Indian agent saves US. Is it against islam?

Now tell me who don’t know that Afganistan is power centre of Taliban and terrorism. So you found it offensive? I read and listen logic of people opposing the movie that it is bad on tamil muslims because Omar is talking in tamil. , Do you expect Villain to speak in Russian in a tamil movie? And how come Tamil muslims got associated with Taliban? Are you trying to say Tamil muslims are part of Taliban? Why a tamil muslim is not slapping you for it.

One of my muslim friend shared that those who are opposing movie on name of islam are not able to digest that a Muslim officer saved US from another Muslim, because in Arabic countries US is considered enemy of Islam. Now who told you that a muslim is not supposed to save innocent people from some terrorist who is from same religion. And if you believe so, then you must be banned.

Infact I remember Kurbaan of Saif ali khan, that movie were having more dialogues and scenes which says that terrorists use name of allah to brainwash youth and make them terrorist. But no one opposed because no political reason was there.

I believe opposing the movie has actually nothing to do with the story or islam. There are just political reasons. In Tollywood politicians are directly involved in cinema business. It is big business and give them good earning. Most of the political leaders own channels and buy movie rights. That can be the only reason as claimed by some people.

Forget the controversy guys and enjoy a good movie.


Do I need to say anything about Kamal Haasan’s acting? He is superb as usual. Watching famous director Shekhar Kapoor acting in the movie as boss of Kamal Haasan is also pleasant. Pooja Kumar played role of Kamal Haasan wife Nirupama who is a nuclear scientist. She is eye tonic in movie atleast in first few scenes. Andrea Jeremiah played role of Kamal Haasan aide and dance student also did well. Rahul bose is again a good actor, acted well but I felt he iss actually looking funny in the terrorist getup specially when he was in America. Jaideep Ahlawat, man whom you saw in Gangs of wasseypur is also here as aide of Rahul bose acted well.

Watch it or not

Yes, not only because it’s a good movie but also to support kamal haasan and show middle finger to those who opposed the movie.

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