Rann Movie Review


This week two movies “Rann” & “Ishqiya” released. Both from my favourite’s Ramgopal Verma & Vishal Bhardwaj. Though Ramgopal Verma is my favourite director but watching his movie is always a risk. I decided first to watch Rann because I believe if you have to eat 2 dishes then eat the better dish later to keep the test.


The movie is describing how TV channels create sensational news to get higher TRP. Amitabh Bachhan is once again Vijay in this movie. He is owner of a TV channel and a reputed journalist. His channel speaks about truth only and trusted by people but fails to gain good TRP in comparison to competitor channels who present sensational or “masala news”. Sudeep played roled of Jay, son of Amitabh bachhan. He is ambitious and did tie up with corrupt politician alongwith his industrialist brother in law and create fake news for benefit of corrupt politican Mohan Pandey and get favours for his channel in return.

Story is describing the tie up of politicians, news cahnnels and industrialist. Theme of movie is good but the script is bit loose. Script writer tried to focus on all aspects like corruption, TRP fights, channel war. As a result he was unable present any of the thing strongly. You will get confused that story is about corrupt politician or about fake journalism. You can guess all next scenes but still it maintains interest. Even after all this the movie is average and can be seen once.

Starcast and acting

Rann is average movie with good starcast. Acting of all stars is good. Amitabh Bachhan is evergreen. Sudeep seems a promising actor. He already worked with Ramu and coming in his movie Phoonk-2 again. Ritesh Deshmukh justified his role of honest journalist. After long time Paresh Rawal is again in negative role. He played role of corrupt politician Mohan pandey and as expected worked well. After Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Corporate” again Rajat kapoor is playing role of industrialist. He is also a fantastic actor. Neetu Chandra is kept in the movie to show her cleavage only. Few dialogues given to her which also she delivered well. She played role of Jay’s girlfriend. Besides them Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Gul Panag and Mohnish Behl are also part of movie and acted well.

Watch or not?

Inspite of loose script Rann can be watched once. Acting of all actors is well. I give 2.5/5 to movie. Rann can be watched once.

P.S. Movie hits on the nerve that masala sells. Amitabh Bachhan is attraction of movie but I used neetu chanda’s pic in this review because masala sells.

Rann Movie Review

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