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Movies on crime or political backdrop always fascinated me, especially if it is made by Ram Gopal Varma. Though movie doesn’t match with level of sarkar and satya but still Rakht Charitra can be comeback of Varma. After a long time something good came out from RGV factory.


Rakht charitra is story of hate politics between two communities. Narsimha Reddy is big leader of Anantpur, a small town in Andhra Pradesh. His right hand is Veerbhadra, who is from lower cast. Nagmani Reddy, who is relative of Narsimha is not happy with increasing power of Veerbhadra and trust of Narsimha Reddy on him. He convinced narsimha reddy that veerbhadra is using his power and name and do conspiracy to kill veerbhadra.

With this murder bloodshed started. Elder son of Veerbhadra (sushant singh) announces battle against nagmani’s people, but nagmani’s people kills him. And finally the hero of the movie, Vivek Oberoi who acted as Pratap Ravi, younger son of Veerbhadra joins the battle and kills Narsimha & Nagmani. This killing brings pratap ravi in face to face fight with Bukka Reddy, son of Nagmani who is known as “rakshas”.

Actor turned politician Shivaji Rao (Shtarughn Sinha) join hands with Pratap Ravi and take him to join mainstream politics so that he can use him against their common rival Bukka Reddy. With the help of chief minister shivaji rao, pratap kills bukka.

This is not the end. This is end of Rakht Charitra Part 1. First time the sequel of movie is coming in 3 weeks. Rakht Charitra Part 2 is releasing on 19th Nov.

Screenplay and Direction

Movie starts with brutal murder which indicates what you are going to see in the movie.

Narrator defines each character. Each character got space to showcase their talent. Style of direction gives a feel that you are watching real south Indian characters.

RGV is master of camera. He knows very well how to take a shot to make it effective. Story is full of events and gripping.  Dialogues are good. Some dialogues are memorable like “Raavan ke marne baad rajgaddi raam ko nahi, vibheeshan ko mili thi”.

Inspite of good direction good actors, the magic of sarkar is missing. Director tried to make it like sarkar. Background music is same as sarkar’s ‘govinda’ Movie somewhere reminds of satya also. The location where bukka hides is same place where satya was shot.


Abhimanyu singh who played Bukka Reddy did a commendable job. He impressed again as Bukka Reddy after Ran sa of Gulaal. I liked his acting more than all other actors. His facial expressions are like real devil. Acting of vivek oberoi is good in second half where he turns into politician. His getup matches with his personality.

Sushant singh didn’t get much to do. Rajendra Tiwari who played veerbhadra is veteran actor of TV, did a good job.

Last but not the least, Shatrughn Sinha who played role of shivaji rao showed good expressions. Character of shivaji rao is inspired  by Andhra’s ex CM NT Ramarao. Acting of shatrughn sinha is good, but in starting I felt some problem in his accent. His south Indian accent was also having Bihari touch, though in later part of movie his speech was in hyderabadi style.

Watch it or not?

If you like reality based movies or movies without shahrukh khan & karan johar, then you will like it. I give 2.5 star out 5 because I was again expecting satya and sarkar.

Rakht Charitra

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