No One Killed Jessica

In the beginning disclaimer says No one Killed Jessica is based on a real incident and it is true story which have some mix of some fiction. So it is not a complete true story or a complete fiction. But I felt 90% of the story was shown as it is.

Story & Screenplay

I haven’t seen any movie till date based on reality in this way. NOKJ is movie about the high profile murder of model Jessica lal in a party by Haryana’s minister Vinod Sharma’s son Manu Sharma.

Movie starts with the scene of party and shows how Jessica was killed in front of so many people.

Vikram Jaisingh (real life resemblance with Shyan munshi) who is a star and was with Jessica at the time of murder, files an FIR and identifies the killer Manish Bhardwaj (Real life resemblance of manu sharma) in police station.

Out of 300 only 7 people confirms that they were there at the time of murder and 3 were eye withness.

Police arrests Manish and during interrogation he admits that he killed her and describes how he hide weapon and his car. Police collected the evidences, took witnesses statements, and finds the used bullets.

From here the power game started. Father of Manish and his co-accused friends father Mr. Rastogi (DP yadav in real life) use their power and influence all the witnesses who turns hostile in court, manages to change the ballistic report and as a result Jessica’s sister Sabrina lost the case.

From this point media power is shown. Reporter Meera takes up the story, do sting operations and proves that witnesses were threatened to turn hostile. This results in public agitation and finally in Justice.


New actress Myra played role of Jessica. She looked beautiful and worked well. It’s a comeback of Rani Mukherjee. Vidya Balan proved her again. Rajesh Sharma who played a role of investigating police inspector did a fantastic job. He took money for not using third degree but was honest in investigation. You must have seen him in Khosla ka Ghosla.

All other actors did good job. But noone did award winning acting.

Direction and Cinematography

Direction of movie is good. Director Rajkumar Gupta made a balance between real story and movie masala. Tempo of movie is perfect. Only the part where Sabrina loses confidence is stretched a bit in second half.

Two scenes or dialogue I liked a lot. One was by Vikram Jai singh on asking why he turned hostile. He said – what you will choose between 1 crore and a bullet? I don’t want 1 crore but I also don’t want a bullet.

Another one was by the investigating police officer who commits he took bribe of 70 lakhs to not use third degree on the accused. He says – sab lete hai madam, bas fark itna hai ki kaun kiske liye leta hai?

Watch or not

It’s a one time watch movie. I give it 3 star out of 5.

No One Killed Jessica

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