Love Sex aur Dhokha

This movie shows all the three emotions as named love, sex & dhokha. Don’t get excited, it’s not a porn movie. Sex means story related to sex scandal. So if you are expecting to see some steamy scene then be ready for dhokha.

Story & screenplay

LSD is a movie mix of 3 short stories. Style of 3 stories reminded me Maniratnam’s yuva but the difference with yuva is that all the stories of yuva made a common end connecting each other whereas in Love sex & dhokha all characters of 3 stories meet each other somewhere but they doesn’t become part of each others life or there stories doesn’t impact on other one’s story.

First story is a love story of 2 students of film institute. 2nd story is about a sex tape scandal which was shot in store room of a departmental store, made by boyfriend of the girl. This story reminds the mms of lajpat nagar cloth shop. 3rd story is about a TV reporter who is forced to do sting operations by his boss.

This movie is quiet original. Incidents, happenings everything is real not filmy. Dibakar bannerjee showed what actually happens in life. You will not find masala in story. First story which is a love story is not ending like DDLJ or the scandal story or the TV reporters story is not ending like Rann or Dev D.

Hindi abuse is very frequently in the movie. Older cinema halls have a class of front benchers (chhichore), same you can find in multiplexes also, only difference is they wear branded cloths so you can call them branded “chhichore”. These branded chhichore’s will definitely enjoy these dialogues and you will get free commentaries from them on several scenes.

Picturization of LSD is different. Symbol of Recording, time left, battery left on screen will give you feel that you are watching the movie on a screen of handycam. Angles are also in the same way as someone is shooting  the movie by handycam.

 Acting & stars

Stars are new. They all did good acting and looked natural. Real star of the movie is camera / hidden camera / spy camera which are common in all three movies. All the stories starts with shooting on camera, end up with shooting on camera.

Why to watch?

  1. You are fan of Dibakar Bannerjee
  2. Different style of presentation
  3. Different story line

 Why not to watch?

  1. Its a good movie but not a piece of art.
  2. If you are expecting stuff like Khosla ka ghosla or Oye lucky from dibakar bannerjee than this movie love sex aur dhokha will disappoint you.
  3. There is dialogue in movie “masala daal movie me behan****”. Actually some masala is missing.

I rate 3/5. You can watch it once.

Love Sex aur Dhokha

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