Kurbaan Movie Review

Kurbaan is contemporary movie talking about Islamic terrorism with a blend of love story. Karan Johar who used to make good-good types love story movies is all set to change his image with this movie. The movie is on the lines of newyork but this is a better attempt. Unlike newyork, this movie is fast and don’t bore you.


This story is about Ehsan Khan & Avantika (played by Saif Ali khan & Kareena). They both are professor in a college (I don’t know how they became professor in so young age), fall in love get married and shifted to newyork. Later on kareena came to know that Ehsan is a terrorist and running a sleeper cell of a terrorist organization. He used him to enter legally in US. Then starts fight between love and target, chasing & hiding from police and movie ends with setting everything fine.

Direction & Screenplay

Renil D’silva directed the movie well. Story is good & fast. It holds your attention. It is seen that love story makes this kindof movie slow and bore, but the director was able to balance both of the things and don’t let you get bored. Twists are in the movie which you will like.

Starcast and Acting

Kurbaan have big starcast like saif ali khan, kareena kapoor, Om puri, kirron Kher, Vivek Oberoi and Diya Mirza in special appearance.

Saif Ali Khan’s acting is matured now. He justified the character. Kareena is also fine. What to say about Om Puri and Kirron Kher. They are always excellent. Kirron Kher played role of afghani woman who is an active member of terrorist organization and wife of the Ompuri. She played this role fantastically and impressed by her aceent and acting. Diya Mirza came for short. Vivek Oberoi continued his legacy of overacting.


Kurbaan is good movie, rather I say Kurbaan is hit movie. You can watch it once.

Kurbaan Movie Review

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