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Blue was one of most awaited movie of this year. I am not able to decide that Blue is a good movie or bad. I didn’t enjoy it much but didn’t dislike also. Few things in the movie are fantastic and never seen in Indian movies but on the story side after half an hour you can easily guess what is going to happen in end.


This is story about a rich man Aarav (Akshay Kumar) and his friend Sagar (sanjay dutt) who stays in Bahamas. These 2 guys have fishing and boxing as a common interest. Aarav is interested in finding treasure from a sunken ship called Lady in Blue. Only Sagar is one who knows this ocean and exact location of the ship, but he never want to go to search this ship yet he is struggling for his livelihood. Aarav keeps him pushing to search this ship. In a dramatic situation Sagar’s brother Sam (Zayed Khan) who ran away from house to Bangkok long time back had a mess with a don (Rahul Dev) and have to pay $50 million to him, so he run away and fly back from Bangkok to Bahamas. To save his brothers life Sagar agrees to search treasure of sunken ship along with Aarav and Sam. Here the action starts.

Director Antony D’souza who wrote screen play also directed the movie well but I feel story was loose.

Why to watch this movie?

This is first Indian movie with underwater shooting and action which is fantastic and directed well. Location of Bahamas is beautiful and picturized very well, it attracts. I liked the bike stunts of Zayed Khan more than underwater stunts which were more advertised.

Kylie Minogues song Chiggy Wiggy is interesting. Akshay kumar justified the role. This is a small movie of 2 hours so you will not get bore even after loose story.

Why not to watch?

If you have seen all James bond movies, you will find better underwater action in those movies. Story is loose. You can easily guess the next shot. Reasons given by characters to get or not to get the treasure are not appealing.

Acting of stars

Akshay Kumar is rocking in the movie. Sanjay Dutt is looking old. Zayed Khan and Rahul Dev also acted very well. Katrina Kaif came for a short but she was refreshing like always. Lara Dutta exposed a lot. She is sexier than what I thought about her till date.

You can go and watch it once.


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