7 Khoon Maaf

This movie is again dark like other movies of Vishal Bhardwaj but not like omkara or makbool. Movie starts with his favourite colour ‘red’-red blood.

Story & Screenplay:

Movie is based on Ruskin Bond’s story “sussana’s seven husband’s”. Ruskin bond also played small role in movie. The story is about a woman sussane, who killed her all husbands.

Sussane (priyanka chopra) is married to major of army who is male chauvinist. She expects love from her husband but couldn’t get it and killed him. After than she get married to one by one 5 more people and unfortunately every time she got a wrong person as husband and kills all of them.


Vishal Bhardwaj is master in creating characters. Here also he narrated all of his characters very well. He describes sussanes character in a dialogue through her loyal butler and crime partner –“There were 2 ways to school. The one she usually travelled by had a mad dog blocking the way. Instead of taking the other path, Susanna shot the dog one day.”

Same way he described character of each of her husbands. Movie shows her life from young age to old age. Makeup of priyanka is done fantastically. With each marriage of her you can see the effect of increasing age. The time period is also indirectly described in the movie through dialogues or news by narrating events like operation blue star, VP singh govt., babri masjid demolition, taj attack etc with each of her husband.


Priyanka Chopra, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Annu Kapoor, Irfan & Vivaan shah did fantastic work.

Watch it or not:

Inspite of big stars, direction something is missing in the movie. This movie doesn’t create interest like other movies of vishal. First half of movie is very bore. Second half is still better.

I will give 2.5 star to the movie. This half star is because of second half otherwise it was 2 star.

7 Khoon Maaf movie review

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