Fuck man – this is called bad time..


A man was happily living somewhere in Delhi. His wife was staying 250 kms away from him. His wife planned to visit his parents, who are staying 265 kms away from him and 515 kms away from his wife. Imagine the happiness of man, married but enjoying bachelorhood.

Everything was perfect till now. Problem started when he asked his wife – Honey you booked your tickets? She said – No, I didn’t get time. Why don’t you do it? Husbands are made for the service of their wives so he opened railway website, checked the reservation status of the direct train. Seats were available. He called her and asked – you want side lower seat, lower seat or upper seat?

She said – Wait, don’t book in direct train.

Husband – Why?

Wife – The day I will travel is 26th January. It’s a holiday. I will move in night by direct train and waste my whole day.

Husband – So when are you planning to go?

Wife – I am planning to come to you first on 25th night. We will spend 26th together and then, I will move to your parents.

Husband – But that is not cost effective..

Wife – What??????

Husband – I wanted to say that you will get tired.

Wife – I am coming. You book my train tickets to delhi and then delhi to your place.

What a tragedy. A man can’t enjoy a holiday alone with some wine sips. Anyway husband had no option. He booked tickets, his wife came.

He drove to station to get his wife. When he came back, he found that his sweet neighbour parked car in his parking which he always do. He parked his car in front of neighbours gate.

He entered in the house and saw that 2 empty bottles of liquor are lying in front. A week back when his wife was there, it was one bottle and he promised that he will not have more. He asked wife to keep luggage in room and quickly tried to hide the bottles but, one bottle fell down. I will not explain further what happened to him. You are matured enough to understand.

Next day neighbour complained to his landlady that your tenant parked car in front my gate. Landlady replied because you parked in his parking and asked him to vacate the space. Both of the persons exchanged the parkings. He found that neighbour scratched his both gates of car. He planned to kick his neighbour, but the neighbour was from Delhi Police, so he dropped the idea. Anyway, it was time to drop wife to railway station for next journey.

He planned to go by Metro, then thought leave it, will go by car. He changed the route also which he used to follow. He went to a new route which had wide and clean road. Suddenly a bang, by the time he realized that his car banged with Innova ahead, there was another bang, then one more.

A biker was also enjoying the wide road. He suddenly took a U turn. Because of this unexpected turn Innova behind him applied sudden break. This man also applied break, but couldn’t managed and banged in the back of Innova. Same happened with a wagon R coming back. Wagon R banged in the back of his car and a Scorpio banged in Wagon R. 4 cars crashed just because of an idiot biker. He saw that his car’s bonut is damaged. He tried to come out but gate was jammed because of crash. Anyhow he managed to come out, saw that bonut crashed, both headlights broken, Tail light broken by Wagon R, and the dickey crashed. Whom to blame, the culprit ran away. He felt pain in his neck due to jerk.

He started in crashed car. In the way everybody was looking curiously to his car. He planned to keep Rs. 10/- as ticket to see the car but less time was available to execute the plan, so he planned to reach station directly. While coming back he visited to Service Station but it was closed because of Republic Day. He came to home with crashed car.

Today he called to on road service but there number was not reachable. He called nearest service station to pick his car but they didn’t pick the call. Finally he decided to drive to the service centre near to his office around 13kms from his house. In the way engine cooling fan jammed. It resulted in excess heating and car stopped in mid traffic at ITO. He created another traffic jam within a traffic jam. Pushed his car to roadside. Called the service centre near office and asked what to do now? They said – Sir, wait for 5-10 mins, engine will cool down, then you start again. Engine will get heated again in 5 mins, so you have stop again and wait for the engine to cool down. Repeat this process till you reach us.

Finally he reached to service centre. Service centre incharge saw the car and recognized. He smiled and said – sir yeh car to last month bhi aayi thi accident karake. Fir thok di. Kya karte ho sir? He said – nothing, I keep checking the body strength of the car. While submitting the docs he realized that he forgot his insurance papers. He requested service center incharge to keep the car. He will bring papers tomorrow.

He reached office, Pain in neck was not bearable but he had lots of work pending. He completed all the work and came back to home by Metro at 7 PM.

When he reached home, he realized that home keys are not with him. He left it in the car. He called the service centre. Service centre person said, sir your car is locked in denting section and person took keys with him by mistake. He requested the person to find out the keys. Service centre guy said sir you will get keys tomorrow only. He requested again to service centre guy but he said nothing can be done today. He took the metro again and reached to service centre at 7.45 PM. This service centre is attached with a petrol pump and owner of service centre and petrol pump are same. He met the owner and described that his home keys are in car and car is locked in denting section and keys are not available.

Owner called the service centre incharge and scolded him. He asked to call the denting section person with keys. This denting guy doesn’t keep mobile. Finally they send someone to denting section guys home to get the keys. Thank god, they were having his address atleast.

This person with pain in neck, tired is now waiting to get the keys in petrol pumps office and writing and posting this story for you. This person who faced all this is known as Naveen Choudhary.

Fuck man – this is called bad time..

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4 thoughts on “Fuck man – this is called bad time..

  1. happy holiday…!!!!
    it seems to me tht u need some kind of meditation & a definite help of BABA SHAAN BANGALI… he is d only 1 who could take alll ur ill effects away frm u in 48 guaranteed hours….

    best wishess… enjoyy DILLI…!!!!

  2. Hey Baba Naveen Choudhary!!!! No words to say for above story (Speechless)…!!! M also married so I know the Pain… Always with you in these Painful dayz…. Keep faith in Your Patience and keep writing like this…!!! These small incidents will make you one day a Booker Prize Holder… So be a Smart and Smiley Husband to reach your target…!!! Gud Luck and Happy Holidayz ahead…:)

  3. hmmmmm could feel the real pain u suffered..after reading this…what to say now…as usual ur writing skill is superb…….did u ever realize why this happened?its just because u stay away from me 🙁

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