Why Police arrested Anna Hazare?


We all know that government is against the draft of Jan Lokpal. They want to make it safe for the politicians. Government was not able to stop anna from protest so they use the official goons of Indian system called ‘police’ to stop the protest.

Police said they can’t allow Anna Hazare to protest at Jantar Mantar. They thought it will be issue with team anna, but anna agreed to any other place where police allows. Police suggested him JP Park, which is not as famous and easily accessible as Jantar Mantar. Anna agreed for that too.

Now government needed some other way to stop the protest. Police put some conditions in front of the team. These conditions are framed in such a way that government can stop protest any time on the basis of law and order. Team anna accepted 16 conditions out of 22. Please read these 6 unaccepted conditions and decide how logical they are:


Six ‘unacceptable’ conditions
Condition 1: Limit dharna to three days.

It is not a symbolic dharna. How can you limit it to 3 days?


Condition : 2 There should be not more than 5,000 people in the park.

Entire country is supporting anna. How can he control it to 5000 people only? Government knew that there will be more people so on this basis they can stop protest.


Condition 3: There should be govt medical observers.

On recommendation of government medical observer, police can force a person to break his fast.


Condition 4: Only 50 cars near JP Park.

Will government provide public transport to commuters in JP Park? If 5000 people are allowed, and 2000 only comes in car that too with car pool, there will 500 cars.


Condition 5: No tent on the road.

Why they don’t arrest people who put tent on road during marriages and block the road? It should not be there ideally but looking at the situation it is required to arrange shade and water for all. How it can be done in a park only?

Condition 6: No Loudspeaker beyond 9 PM.

I don’t find any problem in it.

Most of the above conditions clarifies that on the basis of any small point government can arrest or stop the protest.


Condition which were accepted by Team Anna:

– Cause no damage to public property and return venue in original condition.

– Traffic won’t be obstructed by participants.

– If supporters break law, Team Anna to be prosecuted.

– Keep enough volunteers to regulate crowd.

– Appoint three persons to liaise with police.

– Arrange for drinking water and first-aid Install mobile toilets. Make adequate lighting arrangements with power backup.

– Ensure participants don’t carry weapons.

– No provocative speeches.

– Full compliance with police directions
– Supporters should not indulge in violence or damage public property.
– No desecration of any place of worship. (Its not to make ram mandir, its against corruption)

– No inflammatory speeches within 200m of any place of worship
– No bursting of crackers. (Of course we are not celebrating victory or diwali)
– Maintain decorum at the venue.

All the major conditions related to law and order were accepted, but on the basis of unaccepted conditions Police cancelled the permission of protest in JP Park. Government is so much scared that they ordered police to arrest Anna from his home in morning before starting the protest. Anna didn’t break any law, and he was at his home when police arrested. Police says this is precautionary step. Do you also feel that precautionary step of arresting all key people of IAC was required? They are not terrorist, they are doing a peaceful protest and it was done earlier also at Jantar Mantar. Police is just working as hired goons of government. There is no reason of arresting team anna. This is enough to say government doesn’t want to allow any one to protest or speak against them.

Be united, support the cause.

Jai Hind.

Why Police arrested Anna Hazare?

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  1. Anna you are doing a great job,which the entire world will remember.We all Indian who think corruption is spreading like a cancer,we are with you.

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