Mummy will buy

Should advertisers target mother’s for products targeted to Kids & Teenagers?

Recently I was having few focus group discussions to get feedback about a new supplement to be introduced in our newspaper. These groups were divided on the basis of occupation such as Teachers, Government Employees, Industrialists, Traders, Working woman, Housewives, Self employed professionals etc.

We showed them a dummy paper and asked their liking, what else they want to add on in the content. We knew everybody will speak to add something related to their profession and we have to get the most common points from all the groups.

As expected, the responses were as per their respective professions. For instance CA’s said that they want a weekly feature page on taxation, doctors & advocates feel that one feature page should be on health and law queries. Students wanted story on bikes, gadgets, movies. Women’s desire kitchen tips, beauty etc.

Out of it we got some common points. As said everybody spoke about their requirement. The desire of 2 groups comprising of working woman & homemakers lied in the fact that they need some pages for youth and teenagers in the newspaper because they want their kids to read it. With the existing content its difficult for their kids to develop interest I reading the newspaper. All other groups thought just about their requirement but this group was worried about their kids.

This gave me a thought that can we marketers target mothers in our communication for teenagers products. I tried to search around and found that mothers are targeted mostly in products for younger kids. In case of teenagers I found them targeted only in products of girl’s hygiene and health such as sanitary napkins or anti marks cream.

The responses of the FGDs depicted that MOTHERS can be targeted, but question lies in for what kind of products? Here are my views:

  • As per my views mothers in the present scenario understand the changing environment outside their homes and want their kids to update their databases and be smart enough to compete with challenges prevalence today.
  • In the process our first step should be to identify products that may enable this set of people to increase the knowledge & skill set. Thus, conscious mothers constantly look for advertisements such as computer / laptop ads, coaching institutes ads etc.
  • On the other side of the story, they do not want their child to develop any kind of inferiority complex amongst his/her circle thereby making available best gadgets good watches, mobile phones or bikes to them. Also safeguarding their hubby’s pockets. This attempt of mothers adds an attraction to their child’s lifestyle and personality.
  • I still remember when I planned to change my mobile phone, my mother wanted to have an E-series as it could add more to my professional appeal.
  • Moreover when I moved on to buy a car, she again held the same perspective and wanted me to see her son in a sedan but insisted on buying a small hatchback maruti / santro to enable me to solve 2 purposes of saving money and having a good car, at the same time.

This shows that products that either enhance their childs knowledge, skillset or any product which is a requirement today, add an image to their child can also have communication targeted to mothers. Mothers always want to see their child on top of world as they feel proud about things related to their kids.

So marketers target this emotion. Targeting mother’s is the best marketing strategy for kids product. Communicate it to the mothers that your product is worth adding a value in their childs life which shall push them to convince their child /husband to buy your product.

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Mummy will buy

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4 thoughts on “Mummy will buy

  1. Hmmm!
    Good article… and a justified point of view. 🙂
    Agree with you.

    Here in US…. there are ads about everything. And by everything … I mean everything. Even things that Indian junta and media would consider a taboo.

    And you know what… the biggest target audience is the wife and ther mother.

    And not just for sanitory napkins or best diapers for kids.

    For stuff like fashion, shool requirements, accesories for male/female child, car(safety pov for kids), gadgets, holiday destinations( safe for kids)… you name it… and the targate audience is mother or the single parent.

    I think the indian media should tap this area of marketting and advertisement.

    As for your paper… I agree. All papers should have a section dedicated to Juniors. Not kids but adolescence. It would not just increase the readership…ut would also help parents in inculcating the habit of reading newspapers.


    My two cents. 🙂

  2. It is very true my friend..
    when you talk about my profession of insurance we do emphsise that lady of the home should sit along with the whom we are really trying to convince..Spcly when Child plans is in the air.

    Once it get clicked to lady sooner or get losed on the basis of security of the family or child.

    it is all emotion of the mother wife or etc..

    Amit Arora

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