Why Balika Vadhu become so popular?

Balika Vadhu, TV serial by Colors is rocking. This serial broke the legacy of star plus in operas. Why it happened? How come Anandi & Dadi Sa become more popular than Tulsi and Baa?

In my past article about BJP I mentioned, you need to differentiate. “Saas, Bahu & Sajish” is summary of all star serials. Story of these serials stretched more than infinity. Women, who are emotional, were not having any other character that they can support and discuss.

Colors created product differentiation. Balika Vadhu, story about child marriage, social evils, traditional grand mother, cute mother in law. This serial was different from exisiting serials and having all material for emotional Indian woman. Audiences created connect with these characters and the serial became hit.

Thing to notice is that Balika Vadhu is able to maintain the interest. Why???? Why it is not losing like star plus serials? If you remember star plus serials, they created “jalebi” of problems. Conspiracies or problems started, not solved and at same time many more conspiracies started and never ended. You will gt confused. Nothing new, it worked initially but later on viewers became habitual of it. In Balika Vadhu, problems start and get solved in 15-20 days. Viewers feel good about it, after then a new problem is shown and solved. It maintains the interest of viewers and never let them get bored. Giving their customers a new variant in existing product.

Same applies with other products also. You need to differentiate your product first. Market it well, also study the maturity stage of your product and provide a new variant for your customers before they get bored of your product and start using any other product which created a differentiation. Strategy what Nokia adopts. They launch a product, market it sell it and then create a new product for the product. By the time competition is ready to copy you or plan a counter, you are ready with a new product.

Balika Vadhu is creates new variants in every 15-20 days to maintain the interest and don’t allow its viewers to switch.

Marketers keep thinking. Give something new and different to your customers time to time or be ready to see them with your competitor.

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Balika Vadhu

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