I am Naveen, a Marketing professional having experience with Media, Print and Education Industry.

Education: I am an MBA (Marketing), from Center for Management Development, Modinagar and MA (Economics) from Rajasthan University, Jaipur.

My Native: It’s a tough question which people ask me always wherever I go. Basically I am an Indian by birth and experienced many parts of the land in India.

Hindi Blogger

I have always been associated with great places of great India. I was born in Madhubani, which is famous for Madhubani painting and one of the sweetest languages of India called Maithili.

I started speaking any language properly in Ranchi, which is again famous for HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation). I know you are thinking about the largest mental asylum of Ranchi.

My first education, the first word I learnt, the first word I wrote started in one of the most famous religious place of south called Tirupati. You must be aware about Tirupati Balaji.

Finally a place where I can say I was actually brought up is Jaipur. One of the most beautiful city of the world, known as Pink City. I completed my entire school & college education Jaipur. So by domicile certificate I am a jaipurite. But this was not the place where I was supposed to be finally.

I reached Modinagar for MBA. Modinagar is a small city with a diameter of around 6-7 kms on Ghaziabad meerut highway. Approximately 40 kms from Delhi and 21 from ghaziabad. Modi’s developed this city and started their business, factories here and their son’s ruined those businesses. Now it is more of a small education hub with engineering college, MBA colleges, Medical College, some general course colleges.

Started my career in Delhi and stayed there for 2 years. Don’t ask me why delhi is famous? You know it well. Fallen in love with this city, where anybody from anywhere can come and stay. No body will start a campaign like “Amchi Mumbai” in Delhi, because Delhi is for all, it embraces everyone.

I thought now delhi will be my destination, but moved to the IT city Banglore for short duration, moved back to Jaipur, then shifted to another beautiful and one of the most beautiful city called Chandigarh. This city gave me new identity and also helped me in identifying some of the qualities of mine which I was not aware.  And finally I am back to my old love New Delhi.

So I am a Maithil Brahmin, who is a Jaipurite by domicile and a Delhiite by current status, a Punjabi by physique & nature and Indian by thoughts. So happy to say my native is India.

Profession: I am MBA (Marketing). I am purely into Marketing / Branding, never been into sales. I worked with organizations like Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd., Educomp as part of brand and marketing team. Currently, I am heading the marketing department of Oxford University Press and based in New Delhi. 

All of my writings on this website are my personal views and does not reflect the employers point of view. 

Hobby:  I am a photographer and Hindi Blogger by hobby. I love to write Hindi satire. My satires are mostly political satire, which you will find on this website. Sometimes I write humorous articles as well which you can check in Misc category. I equally love to travel and you can read my travelogues in this blog. Ad agencies like to buy my photographs from Getty Images. This is not all, I am also managing some of the popular Facebook pages, including कटाक्ष & हिंदी वाला ब्लॉगर.

Contact Me:

Mail me: naveen@naveenchoudhary.com , naveen.choudhary@yahoo.com
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/naveenchoudhary
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/naveenblog
Twitter: www.twitter.com/naveen1003
instagram: https://instagram.com/naveen1003
My photgraphy: http://www.flickr.com/naveenchoudhary
Gtalk: naveen2999
Skype: naveen.choudhary
Mobile No. – Is it required after so many contact points?

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well could you think of a satire – portraying Congress as KAMSA , MODI’s Govt. as BALAKRISHNA & the various media Crooks as agents sent to assassinate Balakrishna.

    Ex:– Barkha POOTHANA DUTT
    Rajdeep SAKATASUR Desai
    Siddharth Trinavartha Rajan

    Etc .,

    Thank you


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