Sleepless Nights

First side effect of being father is getting sleepless nights. After 2 days of his birth I moved back to chandigarh and joined family again after 2-3 days.

My first sleepless night with aryaaditya – around 12.30 in night he started crying. I woke up, checked and changed his clothes. After all first time I am sleeping with my baby. Around 2 am he started crying again, he was hungry. Pushpa came in scene, and I waited till he slept again. O my baby, how can I sleep when you are crying? Till morning more than 7-8 times he cried and we both woke up.

Next day morning I was feeling so heavy because of sleep. Tried to sleep during day time, but couldn’t. Second night the same story repeated. Again we both were awake almost whole night. But I was happy, that I am taking care of my son.

Third night he cried, I kept pillow on my head. Pushpa checked him and did whatever was required. He again started crying in 2-3 hours. This time pushpa didn’t hear him. I woke her up and asked to check and slept again.

Though I didn’t check him whole night but woke up every time so again I was feeling heavy. I tried to sleep in daytime but this boy was there to ruin my sweet nini. I handed him over to pushpa and decided that from now till I am in Jaipur I will sleep in different room and I did that.

Its not easy to be parent or father. It costs with your sleeps. But pushpa was not having any complaints, she continued doing all for him whole night. Still she is doing. Only a mother can do this, that’s why we people are always more attached to mom. I salute all mothers including pushpa, only they can do this.

Conclusion: In first take I didn’t turned up as good father, but I will be. Let him get young, then he will not woke me up in nights and I will be good father. He he he…

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Sleepless Nights

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