Naming Ceremony

As mentioned in previous article Anniversary Gift Aryaaditya was born on 29th January 2009. His naming ceremony was planned on 6th day. Harshaditya, my nephew is 5 years old. He was also happy that he got brother and he also finalized a name Utsav but next day he said lets keep some other name because he had a fight with his friend Utsav in school.

By the time harshaditya was searching for other name, all of us also started thinking and searching good name. Some names were suggested by friends and family member. All were common or not too impressive. My father said; don’t think much, I have some name for him. I also wanted papa to finalize his name. I wanted a different kind of name, and who can suggest better name than papa who is Sanskrit professor. Papa wanted his name related to lord shiva and also wanted to add Aditya also in his name because my other sweetheart, my nephew is Harshaditya. So papa finalized the name Shivaditya. I didn’t like the name and opposed. Then he suggested the name Aryaaditya which we all family members accepted.

Harshaditya (Adi) was not happy that nanu (my papa) finalized his brother’s name, which was his right as per him. So being elder brother he decided to give him nickname Cheenu. Nickname accepted, no other option, after all my sweetu finalized it.

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Naming Ceremony

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3 thoughts on “Naming Ceremony

  1. Hahahahahhaa…. Beautifull Put. 🙂

    We had searched in the net for Amogh’s name. We were looking for A name with “a” … the first hindi akshar. 🙂 We had a list of names that i shortlisted as per Amma’s numerology and finally selected Amogh and Avi. Meaning Lord Ganesha and Sun respecively.

    Finally we decided that Avi is too short so we finalised on Amogh and used Avi as a Nick name. 🙂

    At that time TAnvi was 18 months old. 🙂 By the time She was 20 months old… she started calling him Abu ( I think she chose he name of Disney’s Alladin’s monkey :D:D:D:D:D). She insisted that her brother’s name is Abu and not Avi and would go on correcting everyone who called him Avi. 🙂 Finally we gave him… and Amogh was nicknamed Abu. 🙂 And true to his name… he is the monkey of the house. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D an irresistably adorable one at that. :D:D:D:D:D

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