First 4 months


First 4 months a child will limited activities like sleeping, crying, feeding, potty & su-su. My wife was taking care of all these things but these things spoiled my sleep for more than half of the night.

In 2nd month of his birth, I took them to Chandigarh with me. Though waking in night irritates but still you love to see the small smile on the babies face. Sharing few things happened in these 4 months which I remember.

Skin Tone:


When he was born, he was red, complexion changed to fair by evening. I was happy; I wanted my child to be fair or atleast wheatish in complexion. But in one week his colour changed again to dark complexion.

when he was just born

Turned fair by evening

My blacky

Maa told me that his complexion will change again but I was worried. Then I thought no problem, when he will grow he will known as TDH (Tall, Dark & Handsome). By the way my mother was right, his skin tone changed again, now I can say he is not having dark complexion atleast.


Observer & Analyser:


He is great observer and analyzer. I am not sure about analysis but he is a good observer. He used to see his own hands with surprise continuously for 15-20 minutes.


Whenever I was reading newspaper, he continuosly used to see that like he is also reading.




These babies sleep in one position only, goes in different hands in different positions. All this makes your baby tired. So oil massage is very important for them, use mustard oil or dabur red oil. This will also make his bones strong.

I used to give him massage daily in the morning. He always seemed to be happy during that period. I could see the sign of relaxation on his face. I did this continuously for 3-4 months, now I am not regular on it. Whenever I massaged him in Jaipur, my nephew and the responsible elder brother of Aryaaditya, Mr. Harshaditya used to check that I am doing it correctly or not. He used to instruct me – “मामा थोडा आराम से, वो बच्चा है” “मामा पैरो की ठीक से मालिश करो, तभी तो वो मेरे साथ दौड़ेगा”


At this period he is doing limited activities. I am waiting when he will start walking, speaking. I am waiting for the day when I will come from office and he will run to me and say “papa”..

First 4 months

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