My Anniversary Gift


Being Father is actually different feeling. You feel excited, wait for the new member and the day you become father it’s entirely different. Suddenly you start feeling that you got responsibilities. I got this feeling and thought to share.

It was 26th Jan 09 and I came to Jaipur on leave to meet my wife and also to celebrate our 2nd marriage anniversary which was on 29th Jan. Let me tell you I was transferred to Chandigarh and my wife was with my parents in Jaipur.

Doctors have given due date on 8th Feb 09, so we went for regular check up on 27th Jan. There was some critical problem due to which doctors suggested premature delivery. Doctor said she will try for normal delivery by giving medicines to create artificial labor pain otherwise we have to go for surgery.

We admitted her on 28th night in hospital. Doctors gave her medicines for labor pain. Only one person was allowed with the patient so Maa stayed with her. I also wanted to be nearby so that in case of any critical situation I will be available. Some relatives who were staying very close to hospital suggested me to stay at their place, but this was first time and I was actually worried so I slept in my car outside the hospital.

I fixed alarm of every 2 hour in mobile so that I can check if anything is required. Morning I went inside and came to know that she didn’t feel any pain. Doctors suggested for surgery. There was no other way. She was not having fluid on which child survives so we agreed for surgery.

They took her inside operation theatre at 10.30 am on 29th Jan. My entire family along with some relatives and some neighbours were present. I like this; still we Indian families not only follow traditions but also share happiness and sorrows together. At 10.55 doctor informed that god blessed me with son. Oh my god.. what to say.. I was not able to react, but I was feeling good. My wife gave me such a wonderful anniversary gift.

Finally doctors took him out of OT after half an hour, covered in shawl, only face was visible. He was red, soft and so delicate. Maa was holding him, I got him in my hands, and he opened eyes for a second, looked at me and slept.

I am always comfortable in holding new born babies, many babies of my family, relatives and neigbours played in my hands but holding him was different. It was giving a different kind of feeling, I can’t explain. I felt a very different kind of joy and proud in myself.

Because of surgery his mother was not able to feed him, so I ran to Saras dairy to arrange low fat milk. It was difficult to get milk at day time but managed. It was difficult to feed him as his mouth was so small, finally maa used dropper to give him milk.

They were supposed to be in hospital for 5 days, so I moved back to Chandigarh to join job again. It was very painful to move from Jaipur at that moment, but you can’t help it so moved.

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Anniversary Gift

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9 thoughts on “Anniversary Gift

  1. that is a beautiful story and a moment to remember your whole life time…….you even i remember one incident from my child hood ……i still remember the day my younger brother was born and i was only 2 and a half year old at that time…….i dont remember anything else from that far in my childhood except for that day my younger brother was born……these kind of experiences are never forgotten no matter how old are you…..

  2. Wonderful piece to read. Being a father must be a beautiful experience and the responsibilities are to run with the joy. I always admire the dedication you and your wife has for the little cutie. Take care and keep posting. 🙂

  3. Thanks all.. ya punam ma’am its a lovely experience.

    Nipun i don’t remember much about my immediate younger sis, but other younger sis and bro i remember many things.. that was also a fantastic experience. Caring for them with small hands.

  4. Oh! I can go on and on about the experience of being a mother for the first time. The fiurst touch, the first sight( immediately after the baby is born… not after it is washed and wrapped in a shawl) the first yell of hunger… the anxiety, the thrill, the joy….

    I could fill pages with the one single experience.

    Like they say… We are not the father(in my case mother) of the child… they make us a father or a mother.

    Will wait for the rest of the story. 🙂

  5. Hey man I can very well relate to what you have written and every line every word was reminding me of the situation I was going thru and the way it felt. Its nice to be proud father. But brother I was not aware you write so well so this is another aspect of yours. Great going keep it up.

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